Our Concept

One day as usual, in the constant search to try new options to delight our palate, we found in one of those traditional and full of flavor foreign cuisines, which are abounding in such a versatile and multicultural country like ours, a drink that came to expand our horizon in the Tea concept; the “Bubble Tea”, a traditional Taiwanese Tea with an unlimited mix of flavors that combined with an innovative variety of extra ingredients to add on, proved to be the perfect mix between refreshing and delicious, creating a unique and different beverage in the market.

Since then, we took on the task to further investigate in depth on how to bring this concept to everyone in an easy and innovative way, so this is how “Infuzion Bubble Tea Bar” was born, where every day we strive to provide the best Bubble Tea experience through our high quality products and excellent customer service in an environment that invites people to gather and enjoy interpersonal coexistence.

Our Vision is for Infuzion to be one of the top three Bubble Tea market leaders in the United States by 2020.